Tala Icing Bag Set Review

A very disappointing 2/10


So there I was in the Peter Jones bakery section, a small child in a sweet shop. I came away with, amongst other things, a Tala Icing Bag Set. I’ve got a massive icing bag with a couple of nozzles, but I thought it was about time to invest in some decorating equipment.

At £15, it’s a fairly cheap set, perfect for a somewhat beginner. It comes in quite a smart box (possibly cupcake sized?!) and contains 6 different nozzles, a piping bag, a cleaning brush, an icing comb (can anyone shed any light on what you’re supposed to do with one of these?!) and a “How to ice a cake” booklet.

Looks good?  Until the first nozzle I picked up and attached to the icing bag just fell straight off again. I tried another one, that seemed to hold in place fine. Two out of my six nozzles were too small at the base and so wouldn’t stay attached to the bag. Clearly this set is a case of mutton dressed up as lamb. It looks the part,  but it’s really very poor quality. The instructions booklet is really nothing to shout about either, it’s not specific to the set and lacks content. It claims it is a “step by step beginners guide to icing cakes and biscuits”, I’m a beginner and it wasn’t much use to me!

So in all, I liked the look of it (that’s where the two points come from), enough to take a sneaky peak in the shop and buy it, but because of the quality of the actual equipment I will be returning it. Any one got any good recommendations for a replacement?


One thought on “Tala Icing Bag Set Review

  1. Kaeti says:

    I use syringe style piping sets, never been disappointed as they screw into place so are pretty sturdy. I would probably spend the little extra to get a metal one as they can handle thicker icing withing the fear of any breakage. The only thing is that you’re limited to the amount of icing it can fit before you need to refill, but the benefits of accuracy, control and durability totally make up for the pain of refilling more often. Also, as it holds less, you have far more control. X

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