Fairy Cakes

Following Kaeti’s fab advice, I bought a syringe icing set from good old Lakelands (only a plastic one, sorry Kaeti!). To try it out, I made a few simple fairy cakes and a batch of royal icing, and had some fun!

I’ve found that making fairy cakes using cup cake cases but in a steep sided muffin tin ensures that they stay nice and upright and don’t splurge over the sides! There’s definitely a knack to icing, and I think I may need some more practice and perhaps a good detailed book on how to do the different techniques.

At £7.79, it’s definitely a starter set, and this shows in the quality. However, it’s very easy to use and was quite effective on these little fairy cakes. The syringe set comes with seven different nozzles, including a “filler” nozzle for inserting jam into doughnuts etc, oh the possibilities! The barrel of the syringe is a little small, so when doing lots of cakes or a whole cake it might become annoying having to constantly refill.  All in all, I was pretty pleased with our afternoon of icing, all I need now is an excuse to make a proper iced sponge cake and get practising!


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