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Hot Cross Buns

Hola! CakeyKate is on holiday! I’m in Spain, it’s raining at the moment, but I’m fairly sure it will brighten up….. otherwise there may well be more baking to follow.

Luckily, my mum has equipped our house well with baking equipment and supplies, and had actually already made two batches of these hot cross buns. They do take a little while to prove (or rise) so they are ideal for lazy easter days when the only other thing on your to-do list is buy more wine. Continue reading


A purple Easter weekend

I feel I need to apologise for neglecting my blog this week, but I do have a good reason! In my teenage wisdom quite a few years ago I decided to paint my bedroom bright lilac, with a dark purple ceiling and dark purple wood work. Over the next few years I then took to using my walls as a massive canvas to cover in paintings of butterflies, birds, flowers and other random doodles. Needless to say, it was overdue a bit of updating and growing up.

Continue reading

S’more Cupcakes

Back to baking! Yes! I flicked through one of my recipe books and came across these American-inspired cupcakes. If you hadn’t realised, I’m English, I live in the Kentish countryside and even though I’d heard of s’mores, I had no idea what they were. Helpfully, the book explained “A s’more is an American campfire treat: marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between crackers and roasted”, sounds pretty awesome to me!

The topping is just Italian meringue, where you heat the water and sugar before you add it to the egg whites so the eggs cook slightly from the heat – no need to worry about raw eggs. I have a feeling I mis-read the recipe and only used a teaspoon of baking powder instead of a tablespoon (!) so mine didnt rise that much and were a little dense, even so the combination of light and fluffy meringue and moist chocolate cake is just amazing! Continue reading

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