Everyone’s baking!

It’s been a bumper weekend for baking! I’m not sure if I’ve personally inspired people to bake or if it’s just the best thing to be doing on such a grey May Bank Holiday, but still, more baking!

Jake and I went to the water polo at the London Prepares Series (for those of you not in the UK it’s a whole load of events to test out the Olympic venues in the run up to 2012, the park is awesome!) and we came home from a long day of watching women being dunked under water, shopping and GBK to Jake’s flatmate’s home made Madeleines with home made lemon curd! They didn’t all fit on our baking trays, so she made some like cupcakes, which worked really well. Piping the lemon curd into them is especially fun, as it starts emerging out of the raspberry.

The recipe is from Rachel Khoo, from “The Little Paris Kitchen” on BBC2.

My sister (the one that made vanilla cupcakes) has been delving into the Hummingbird recipe book, and made Earl Grey Cupcakes. She says they’re amazing!

If you’ve been baking, I’d love to hear/see/taste (if possible) the results! Send away! Fingers crossed for a slightly brighter May Day…..


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