Bank holiday excitements

I love bank holidays. We get a whole other day off work, a three day weekend, and can do absolutely nothing guilt-free because there’s always the logic that “oh, it’ll be really busy because it’s a bank holiday”. I did make the mistake of driving from Kent to East London to South West London in rush hour on the Friday of a bank holiday. That was stupid. But I’ve had the whole weekend with the boyfriend and my new exciting purchases.

Yes, this is the real subject of this post. My new toys. A bike and a Kitchen Aid. They may both be second hand but I absolutely love them.

First up, Kitchen Aid. In a story that is so fitting for the 21st century, my boyfriend saw someone had retweeted an advert about a Kitchen Aid mixer for sale. He emailed it to me and I got the details from the Gumtree advert. I rang up Leona on the Monday, and collected it from East London on the Friday. Not only is it an awesome Kitchen Aid, she was also selling what can only be described as a haul of baking goodies. Muffin trays, cake tins, flan tins, icing nozzles, cooling rack, loaf tins and recipe books. I could not believe my eyes when I saw what she was selling and how much she wanted for it. Within about 20 minutes I was buying it from her. Thank you Leona for selling me this amazing machine! Leona runs a vintage online shop where she hand picks everything. Have a look at

Obviously, I had to try out my new toy. It came with the KitchenAid cookbook, and the three mixing attachments. I proceeded to get very excited about all the other attachments you can get (a pasta machine!?). As we were staying in for dinner I decided to make pudding. And I am determined to master pastry. So a pastry pudding it was.

I attempted (attempt is definitely the right word) a Lemon Meringue Pie. I’ve never made one before, let alone a dairy free one. So I didn’t think I should blog it just yet until I can actually make it properly. It tastes wonderful, but I think my guestimation of how much water to use in the filling (the boyfriend does not seem to have a measuring jug in his house….) was a little off, which led to a slightly damp pie. There’s always next time….

Next up, the bike! My sister is about to start (another) university course based in London Bridge, she lives in Hammersmith. Therefore a new bike was a must (obviously?!) to cut down that commute time. So she invested in a very snazzy looking road bike, and I offered to buy her not so snazzy old bike. My move to London is creeping up on me so it’s about time I got a bike and got the hang of riding it. We checked out the route between my new home for the next year and my boyfriend’s house. And popped in to Evans to pimp my bike a bit, make it feel a bit more loved. A bottle holder, new handlebar grips and some over-ends did the trick! I am all set, look out south west London!

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3 thoughts on “Bank holiday excitements

  1. Emily says:

    You know, I recently discovered that for water, ml = g (not quite, but for arguments sake, it does). Comes in handy for me because I don’t have a way of measuring small amounts of water in ml’s, might be handy for you when you’re jugless??

    • I know this is what I tried! The scales aren’t great and I couldn’t get them to stay on long enough to zero them with an empty glass and weigh the added water, if you get me! My mental maths may have failed me…..

  2. bakedbyiris says:

    OMG, what a great haul especially the red Kitchenaid!!

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