Cakey Kate moves to London!

Firstly, I apologise for the minuscule amount of cake in this post (there’s an update on the dairy free frosting at the end) but there have been too many things going on and (shockingly) I haven’t had time to bake much! I have, however, only gone and moved to London. Cakey Kate now resides in lovely Kingston, well, New Malden actually but we’ll call it Kingston.

The first thing I decided to make in my new home was……..sushi. With my funny tummy, I’ve found that sandwiches aren’t great for me for lunch every day, and I often resort to buying sushi if I need lunch on the go. Even 4 little rolls of sushi can be silly expensive, so I decided I’d try to make my own to take to uni with me for lunch. Armed with all the tools and ingredients I could possibly need (thanks Waitrose, again) I gave it a go.

I didn’t really follow a recipe, or measure anything, so I don’t really have a method to share with you. Other than cook your rice, fold in a dribble of white rice vinegar, salt and sugar, and let it cool. Put a sheet of Nori on your bamboo sushi mat, spread a layer of cold rice over it, leaving a small gap at the top. Then chuck on your filling. Pick up the bottom of the mat and your sushi sheet, tuck it all the way over your filling ingredients and use the mat to continue squishing and rolling. Use a sharp, wet knife to slice each roll up. Simples!


In other news, I did actually make some lemon curd cupcakes for my last day at work on Friday. Dairy free, of course, and I tried the dairy free frosting again. Success! The secret is to beat the spread momentarily on its own, add half the icing sugar and beat it until it is JUST combined, add the rest of the icing sugar and a dribble of milk, and beat it until it starts to turn pale. All in all, you should only be beating it for a couple of minutes, if that. This means you end up with quite a firm frosting, but one that won’t split and pipes beautifully! Sorry, they disappeared before I had time to take photos!

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