My sister’s dairy free eggnog cupcakes

My sister hosts a christmas dinner every year. This is the first year I’ve been in London so the first time I’ve been!

The first christmas dinner of the season (it’s perfectly normal to have more than one!) and she pulled out all the trimmings. Roast beef, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, stuffing and sprouts. She even made me some dairy free yorkshire puddings! She also made some chocolate orange cupcakes, and some dairy free eggnog cupcakes just for me! Well, not all for me. I think she did an amazing job, they looked amazing and tasted just as good! She finished them with some edible silver spray, very festive.

Speaking of festive, it snowed today. I say snowed, there was a spattering of white dust on the floor. Of course, London’s public transport could not cope with a little bit of the white stuff. Fortunately for me I was going away from Waterloo, so I watched all the people crammed on to the platform opposite, trains pull in practically full, pull out and see all the same people still stood on the platform.

Anyway, here’s some photos of the feast.

My sister's christmas dinner

my sister's christmas dinner

Christmas eggnog and chocolate orange cupcakes

dairy free eggnog cupcakes and chocolate orange cupcakes




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