Vanilla, raspberry and white chocolate birthday cake for my sister

This last weekend was my twin sister’s graduation and my older sister’s birthday. Therefore a large cake was needed. I’m beginning to realise that I tend to have a bit too much faith in my baking abilities, and sometimes don’t really think through what I’m doing. This was the case with the first cake I attempted to make. It was a rather huge vanilla cake, which I thought it would be a good idea to bake in the large square tin aforementioned older sister had bought me for christmas. The fact that this cake is normally baked in three tins didn’t seem to be an issue to me. This, combined with the fact that I tried to get it in the oven as quickly as possible and didn’t really mix it for long enough, led to a bit of a disaster. I’m also beginning to realise that I am especially terrible at dealing with things when they go wrong. Or just don’t go quite right. Fortunately, my mum was on hand to offer words of wisdom; “no don’t just throw it in the bin, at least let it cook first”. Of course, she was right, and the huge cake has been feeding my boyfriend all week, who doesn’t seem to mind that it was the reject cake that I almost threw in the bin.


So, in my terrible “I’m so bad at baking I don’t know what I’m thinking pretending I’m quite good” mood, I listened to my mum and made a simple all in one sponge and cooked it in two tins. There’s not really much recipe, it just involves cracking three eggs into a bowl, weighing them, and measuring all the other ingredients out to the same weight. And cooking at 180°C until they are risen, golden brown and just coming away from the edges of the tin. Not knowing a time for the cakes is actually quite nice, because it gives you an excuse to actually sit in front of the oven and watch them cook. This isn’t advisable if they’re going to take more than half an hour though…. especially if you have a tiled floor.

I mashed up some raspberries, strained off most of the liquid with a fine sieve, and spread this on top of the vanilla bean frosting in the middle. I covered the cake with vanilla frosting and topped it with raspberries and shavings of white chocolate. If you wanted, you could use the white chocolate frosting instead of vanilla, but I decided to just stick to the vanilla so that I could just pick the shavings off and have a dairy free cake!

So, the ingredients for this very simple cake are:

3 eggs, weighed. Approx 165g.
165g self raising flour
165g caster sugar
165g butter or dairy free spread
½tsp baking powder
½tsp vanilla essence
pinch of salt
drop of milk or soya milk

The method is literally to put all the ingredients, apart from the milk, in your food mixer and turn it on. Add a drop or two of milk to give it a nice smooth texture and continue mixing it until light and smooth. I used my vanilla bean frosting, which I’m rather fond of, but I only made two thirds of the quantity in this recipe.


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