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Valentines feast and a very lemony birthday cake

Although we don’t really “do” Valentine’s day, it is quite a good excuse to have a nice meal and spoil ourselves a bit. I realise that I’m a control freak, as does Jake, so it wasn’t really going to be anything other than me cooking dinner, I’ve embraced the inner control freak in me…

For starters we had scallops, the only form of “fish” that jake will eat. Here’s the recipe from BBC Food.


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Oat and Honey cookies and Dairy Free Pancakes

I find that sometimes, OK a lot of the time, I just want something baked. Cakes, cookies, biscuits, I’m not fussed. Just some sweet baked yumminess. When I feel like this, I don’t want to spend hours shopping for specific ingredients and going through hundreds of steps of a recipe. I just want something yummy now! In steps…. oat and honey cookies. These are so simple I’m not even sure you can call it baking. Oats give them that satisfying fullness, and the simple fact they’re sweet and baked ticks a lot of boxes. Plus, if you don’t have the exact ingredients you can substitute whatever is in your cupboard. These were originally made with golden syrup, but I only had honey so I used that. My next variation I think will be oat, cinnamon and raisin, mmmmmm.

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