Chocolate olive oil cake

It saddens me that I haven’t been able to bake much recently, partly because of uni work, partly because I took a lot of my baking equipment home as I didn’t have space. I now understand how people often find it hard to get into baking, when every recipe needs a different special ingredient, or tin a piece of equipment. Last weekend I did make some flapjacks, which I’m not sure even count as baking! And this weekend I made Nigella’s olive oil chocolate cake, which I saw a while ago and have been wanting to give a go.


For my nut allergy boyfriend, I used flour instead of almonds. I also didn’t have an electric whisk, so the beating was done by hand, quite hard work but possible! I also made a raspberry icing to top the cake. All you need is a spoonful of raspberry jam, heated up in the microwave and sifted, a few spoonfuls of icing sugar, about 70g and a dribble of water. Mix them all up and pipe or drizzle over the cake.

I actually used a normal sandwich tin, and the mix nearly filled the tin, resulting in the cake ballooning at the top, but it didn’t spill over everywhere, thankfully! Although not quite the recipe, the cake is still really moist and light and yummy! Sorry for the rubbish photos, only taken on my phone.

Here’s Nigella’s recipe.




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