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Plum Cupcakes and Gin and Tonic

The sun has finally come out. Therefore it is time for gin and tonic, and cupcakes obviously! Now I have my life back, Friday is baking day again, hurray!

The other day I attempted to make dairy free hollandaise (which it turns out is basically mayonnaise) so I had some left over egg whites. After browsing through pretty much all of our baking books (can you tell I’ve just finished uni for the year?) I found a recipe for Italian biscuits in my Pastry book using egg whites. So I had a go at these biscuits, which are just icing sugar, ground almonds, egg whites and honey, and some jam to fill them, easy peasy! I really felt like plum jam, so I bought a jar. And then I felt like I should bake some more, so I made some plum cupcakes.

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Impromptu Cookies and a Coffee and Chocolate Loaf

Hello blog! I have had that horrible feeling that something is missing for quite some time, and something has been missing, new blog posts! I can only apologise, baking unfortunately has to give way to university, jobs and moving flats, which all seemed to happen at the same time in the last month. So here’s a bit of a roundup of what’s been going on recently…(there’s quite a lot, stick with me!)

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