Yummy photos

I would really like someone to invent taste-able photos. Not the kind of thing where you can lick a sticky spot on a page, I wish you could look at a photo and actually experience what it tastes like. Although, involuntarily tasting something really disgusting could be a downside to this. I’m writing my dissertation at the moment and it’s all a bit sci-fi/futuristic, it’s rubbing off. The point of this post isn’t tomorrow’s world technology, it’s photos of yummy things. It’s a bit of a selection of things that I’ve made but haven’t blogged.

Before I went to Spain I made this orange and poppy seed cake, it tasted pretty good.

dairy free orange and poppy seed cake

dairy free orange and poppy seed cake

dairy free orange and poppy seed cake

This next one was a recipe I saw on Cupcakes Always Win (what an awesome name for a blog) and I’m going through a bit of a coconut phase so had to try it. I made one disastrous batch, modified again and then made this one. I changed the recipe slightly as I used gelatine instead of agar flakes as they were about 4 times cheaper and I’m not vegan or vegetarian. So I just poured half a can of coconut milk into a measuring jug, topped it up to one pint with boiling water and added a few spoonfuls of sugar. Gave it a good stir and added a sachet and a half of powdered gelatine, in the fridge for a few hours et voila! I love the layer of coconut cream that rises to the top.

coconut jelly


coconut jelly with raspberries




I also made some cookies for my boyfriend to take on his trip away this weekend. His favourite spiced cookie recipe. We saved a few to keep in the cookie jar.

spiced cookies




And last but by no means least, my sister made this amazing cricket themed cake for her boyfriend’s birthday. I was in Spain at the time and she had warned me to expect slightly panicky facetimes about this cake, but there was nothing of the sort, she’s a pro! They are her photos too! I’m so proud.

Cricket cake








2 thoughts on “Yummy photos

  1. These all look so delicious! I really want to try that coconut jelly and poppyseed cake. And that cricket cake is amazing, I know someone who would love it…

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