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Oreo Cupcakes

A while back we had a bit of a party for Jake’s birthday. Inspired by the bakeoff, I made some bread sticks. They turned out ok and disappeared quite fast, but they were definitely more “bread” than “sticks”. I think they need to be skinnier. I’m still finding my feet with yeast but it’s so rewarding!

The stars were the Oreo cupcakes though. Did you know, Oreo’s are dairy free! On our way back from Spain we picked up a multi pack of mini Oreo’s and somehow we didn’t eat all of them by the time we got home so I saved a couple of packs to decorate these little chocolate cakes. I topped them with swiss meringue buttercream, which I altered slightly. I found that when I made Three Little Blackbird’s recipe with Trex (shortening) it left a greasy feel in your mouth and meant that you couldn’t really taste it. So this time I didn’t use as much shortening as the original recipe, and added some golden syrup to make it taste more marshmallowy. I’ll add the recipe for the buttercream once I think it’s good enough to share!

My homemade cakestand made an appearance again, with some extra super glue it’s now quite stable.










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Carrot Cake

The last of my Spanish posts. I’ve been back from Spain for three days, I’m sorry I’m slow. When there is no dairy free alternative to butter to be found, baking has to go down the oil route. I was planning on making a beetroot and chocolate cake, but there was no beetroot in the market either. They do have plenty of carrots though, hence the carrot cake. I made one for dessert when we had some family round, and to my disappointment, most of it got eaten, so I made another one.

The recipe says to drizzle the icing, which I completely messed up so I just covered the top with it. We forgot to buy oranges, so our icing was zingy lemon. We also only have one cake tin, so shallow and round it had to be. I added the crystallised jasmine flowers to make it look a bit prettier, we didn’t eat them though, are jasmine flowers edible?





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Spanish almonds

CakeyKate is on holiday! Again! I know I was only here three weeks ago but that was an impromptu trip with my mum, now I have Jake with me.

They don’t really do dairy free in Spain, there is soya milk in the supermarkets but that’s about it. (Stay tuned for more dairy free Spanish baking…) But before I went dairy free I used to love drinking something called ‘horchatta’ which is made from ‘chufas’, roughly translated as ‘tiger nuts’ or ‘earth almonds’. I still have no idea what they are but they make a yummy drink! It’s really popular in Spain and you can always find a big section of it in the supermarket. But, it has milk protein in it, disaster!

Until I found this…..


Cream of almonds, with no added cow juice. Long story short, put a couple of tablespoons of this and a litre of water in a blender and hey presto, home made almond milk!



Apparently it is well and truly September weather back in the UK, so I am soaking up as much of this sunshine as possible for another couple of days!

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A birthday cake for a very tall person

You probably don’t know that my boyfriend is very tall. 6 ft 8 in fact. A year ago he started rowing and it has pretty much taken over his (and my) life. It’s his birthday today and I wanted to make him a cake that was rowing inspired, but not a full blown miniature boat complete with lycra-clad giants… This was also my first opportunity to make a birthday cake covered in fondant, and he had been talking about this cake for weeks, wondering how I was going to top the cake I made him last year, no pressure then!

So I went for a stripey cake in the colours of his club, Thames Rowing Club. Rowing inspired without a novelty boat. Now, this is my first ever fondant covered cake, come to think of it it’s my first square cake, so please excuse the wobbly, bobbly, slightly dented and misshapen-ness of it. I’m pretty pleased with it, but I know there’s a long way to go before my perfectionist side will be satisfied.

True to form, the boyfriend asked for a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. I used this recipe, with dairy free substitutions, in an 8 inch square tin and it turned out beautifully. I’ve been really inspired by The Chocolate Strawberry and the off-centre placement of the cake and simple clean lines is very much her signature, so I should give some credit to her for the look of this cake, even though hers are much better than this!

Thames rowing inspired birthday cake

Thames rowing inspired birthday cake

Thames rowing inspired birthday cake

Thames rowing inspired birthday cake

Thames rowing inspired birthday cake

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