Spanish almonds

CakeyKate is on holiday! Again! I know I was only here three weeks ago but that was an impromptu trip with my mum, now I have Jake with me.

They don’t really do dairy free in Spain, there is soya milk in the supermarkets but that’s about it. (Stay tuned for more dairy free Spanish baking…) But before I went dairy free I used to love drinking something called ‘horchatta’ which is made from ‘chufas’, roughly translated as ‘tiger nuts’ or ‘earth almonds’. I still have no idea what they are but they make a yummy drink! It’s really popular in Spain and you can always find a big section of it in the supermarket. But, it has milk protein in it, disaster!

Until I found this…..


Cream of almonds, with no added cow juice. Long story short, put a couple of tablespoons of this and a litre of water in a blender and hey presto, home made almond milk!



Apparently it is well and truly September weather back in the UK, so I am soaking up as much of this sunshine as possible for another couple of days!

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