Carrot Cake

The last of my Spanish posts. I’ve been back from Spain for three days, I’m sorry I’m slow. When there is no dairy free alternative to butter to be found, baking has to go down the oil route. I was planning on making a beetroot and chocolate cake, but there was no beetroot in the market either. They do have plenty of carrots though, hence the carrot cake. I made one for dessert when we had some family round, and to my disappointment, most of it got eaten, so I made another one.

The recipe says to drizzle the icing, which I completely messed up so I just covered the top with it. We forgot to buy oranges, so our icing was zingy lemon. We also only have one cake tin, so shallow and round it had to be. I added the crystallised jasmine flowers to make it look a bit prettier, we didn’t eat them though, are jasmine flowers edible?





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