Oreo Cupcakes

A while back we had a bit of a party for Jake’s birthday. Inspired by the bakeoff, I made some bread sticks. They turned out ok and disappeared quite fast, but they were definitely more “bread” than “sticks”. I think they need to be skinnier. I’m still finding my feet with yeast but it’s so rewarding!

The stars were the Oreo cupcakes though. Did you know, Oreo’s are dairy free! On our way back from Spain we picked up a multi pack of mini Oreo’s and somehow we didn’t eat all of them by the time we got home so I saved a couple of packs to decorate these little chocolate cakes. I topped them with swiss meringue buttercream, which I altered slightly. I found that when I made Three Little Blackbird’s recipe with Trex (shortening) it left a greasy feel in your mouth and meant that you couldn’t really taste it. So this time I didn’t use as much shortening as the original recipe, and added some golden syrup to make it taste more marshmallowy. I’ll add the recipe for the buttercream once I think it’s good enough to share!

My homemade cakestand made an appearance again, with some extra super glue it’s now quite stable.










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