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Banana bread

After a balmy weekend in Paris I’ve come back to an Autumnal London. It is definitely chilly. Not cold yet, but chilly. For some reason we have been incapable of eating our bananas before they turn into a brown squishy mess, and we all know there is only one thing to make when you find yourself in this situation. Banana Bread.

CakeyKate's banana bread

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Chocolate Mud Cake Sandwiches

Apparently it’s October. I say apparently because the only things pointing to it being Autumn is the date and the number of pumpkin recipes appearing on every other blog I follow. We have been having some lovely unseasonable weather in the UK, with temperatures up to 22°C it feels positively summery. I know this is all going to change this week though, with the weather men pointing to the large area of cold air moving over the UK (and seemingly only over the UK) and the north wind that’s going to bring us right back to down to chilly, pumpkin soup and a blanket, Autumnal earth. OK I sound far too much like the weather man, I’ve been watching too much BBC breakfast. (Apologies American readers, you probably haven’t experienced the joys of the slightly news based breakfast tv show that gets less an less serious the closer to 9am it gets. In fact, past about 8:30 I genuinely think they say to themselves, “well heck, no one’s really watching anymore, it doesn’t matter what we say/do/feature as “news”. Kids talking about what book they like to read? Definitely worth a good five minute feature. Really? I just don’t care about the small children’s favourite books, please take them off my television screen.)

Anyway, there is cake in this post somewhere! Sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits to be precise.

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