Banana bread

After a balmy weekend in Paris I’ve come back to an Autumnal London. It is definitely chilly. Not cold yet, but chilly. For some reason we have been incapable of eating our bananas before they turn into a brown squishy mess, and we all know there is only one thing to make when you find yourself in this situation. Banana Bread.

CakeyKate's banana bread

I have made several banana breads in my time, all different recipes, with varying success. It’s quite hard to get it wrong with all that moist banana in there, as long as you make sure your bananas are nice and ripe. I always add a bit of cinnamon to mine even if the recipe doesn’t require it, I think it’s essential. I used self raising flour and omitted the other raising agents as I don’t like the taste of them. It still rose a heck of a lot. I had put it on a middle shelf and rose right into the shelf above! Hence the interesting lines on the top…

I’ve been trying to get away from butter substitutes and use more oil in my baking, so this recipe from Nigella’s page was perfect. My fear of using recipes written in cup measurements is subsiding and I’m embracing the “chuck it in” attitude. Baking is a science, but sometimes you can get away with scooping a cup full of flour and not worrying too much about exactly how many grams you have there, this was one of those times.

I warn you, this loaf will not last long. I’m sure it will keep quite well, but ours has never been around for more than a couple of days. I didn’t even have time to take proper photos of it. Banana bread for breakfast? Of course.


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