White Chocolate and Vanilla Fudge

Hang on, white chocolate and vanilla fudge?! That is neither cake nor dairy free, what’s going on?! You’re right, fudge is possibly as far from dairy free as you can get, it’s dairy full. But my boyfriend loves fudge, and loves white chocolate. So I put the left over cream for Christmas and some of the mountain of white chocolate he’s been given together to make one tasty treat just for him.

Cakeykate's vanilla white chocolate fudge

While I’m at it, I’ll also fill you in on where I’ve been for the last few weeks. We took Jefferson our lovely not so little kitten home to my parent’s house for Christmas. Cats don’t really like moving, but he coped with it like a pro, and was thoroughly pampered for a couple of weeks. And of course, I did some baking. 

We had a little party and made some mince pie swirls. Inspired by Jamie’s recipe, we rolled mincemeat, pistachios and cranberries up in puff pastry and baked them. Should have put some greaseproof in the bottom of the tin though because they were buggers to get out!

Mince pie swirls

I made a Christmas cake! And my sister helped decorate it, actually she did most of the decorating. The design was from The Pink Whisk.

cakeykate's dairy free christmas cake


There was some ginger bread, that went in a hamper for my Jake’s parents, full of home made (mostly) goodies. Homemade gifts are lovely to receive and fun to make. I filled this hamper with apple and mango chutney, gingerbread shapes and men, vanilla meringues, mulling syrup and a little box of chocolates.


dairy free ginger bread


Cakeykate's christmas hamper


And finally, there was a last minute New Year’s Eve cake. Orange and Lavender, which turned into a bit of mountain.

Orange and Lavender cake


Oh yes! The fudge! My sister bought me a great christmas present, the spatula thermometer! Which turned out to be perfect for making fudge. If you’ve got a sugar thermometer it is really easy to make, it does involve a bit of elbow grease but that’s no bad thing. I combined a few recipes to make this and substituted a couple of things, which turned out a soft, light fudge. I’m sure I’ll be instructed to try making it again to get the consistency a bit firmer, but it’s gone down pretty well so far.

2014-01-02 20.42.20


2014-01-03 09.28.50


2014-01-03 09.34.45


2014-01-03 09.34.05

Makes a 22cm square, 2cm thick.
450g caster sugar
400g double cream
50g butter
1 tbsp glucose syrup (I used golden syrup)
1 tbsp vanilla bean paste
140g white chocolate, chopped into quite small pieces

Line a 22cm cake tin. Put the sugar, cream, butter and syrup in a small pan and bring to the boil. Use a sugar thermometer to measure the temperature. Once it reaches 116°C, remove it from the heat and leave it alone. Don’t be tempted to give it a stir, as this will encourage large sugar crystals to form and spoil the texture.

Leave it to cool to 110°C, add the vanilla and a good pinch of salt. Then start beating it as it cools until it reaches about 60°C. It should be nice and thick now. Stir in the chocolate and pour the mix into the cake tin and smooth the top. Leave it to set at room temperature, then cut into chunks.

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