Minion Twins

Today, for the first time ever, we had the whole family together including all of our boyfriends. We were also celebrating me and my sister’s birthday (yes, we’re twins!). Add to that some degree results, a pay rise and a promotion, and you’ve got some pretty good reasons to celebrate. It has been a truly lovely day.

It couldn’t be CakeyKate’s birthday without a birthday cake. I spoke to my twin a few weeks ago and she requested a “proper cake like we used to have when we were kids, like the minie mouse one?”. So the first thing that came to mind was obviously Minions. For anyone who hasn’t seen Despicable Me a) go treat yourself to a dvd and b) this whole theme will go straight over your head.

I am going to say this now, these are not professional cakes! Nor are they professional photos, we just took them quickly in our kitchen, sorry…. They’re kind of mini minions, and one is definitely more Mike from Monsters Inc than Dave from Despicable Me, but you get the idea….. I left it a bit late as well, I only made them this morning, so I had both my sisters helping me decorate them this afternoon and they did an awesome job. If only I had two helpers every time I made a cake!

As I made two, I did one dairy free vanilla cake, with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam. The other was dairy-full lemon cake, with lemon buttercream and lemon curd. It was quite strange using butter again, I found the buttercream was much easier to work with, but apart from that there was little difference, I just had to force myself not to lick the spoon! My sister honestly couldn’t guess which one was which. I indulged in buying some “buttery caramel” flavour and added it to my dairy free frosting, which made it taste like actual butter buttercream!

There was no recipe, just weigh the eggs and the same weight of flour, sugar and butter (or Trex/vegetable fat), + 1tsp baking powder and 1tsp of flavouring (lemon zest or vanilla bean paste) and a few tablespoons of milk. Put it all in the mixer and mix away until smooth. For the slightly squatter one, I did a 4 egg mix, in two 15cm tins and a hemisphere pan. For the bigger one I did a 5 egg mix, in three 15cm tins and the hemisphere pan. The sandwich tins took about 25 minutes at 170°C in a fan oven, with the hemisphere pan taking about 40-50 minutes at 160°C. For each cake I made quite a lot of frosting, I did 240g butter/fat and 750g icing sugar, with a few dribbles of milk, plus flavouring.

So without further ado! Minions!

Minion Twins


CakeyKate's birthday







Spot the bamboo skewer holding the whole thing together!


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2 thoughts on “Minion Twins

  1. Really professional looking-despite what you might say! Will definitely give this a try for a cousin’s upcoming birthday! 🙂

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