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Dairy free croissants …… In a can

Yes you read that right, dairy free croissants in a can. 

As some of you might have seen, I had a bit of a thing about Jus Rol pastry, as most of it is dairy free (not the all butter ones though, bit of a clue in the name there). It seems like they have recently had a bit of a rebrand, and up popped this strange looking can in the chilled pastry section. Naturally, when I see something new in the supermarket, I check the ingredients. I was just a little excited to see that there was no dairy in this can of supposed croissants. A Saturday morning after my first ever park run seemed like a good time to crack these out. 

Given that you can buy pre-formed, ready to cook croissants, this does seem to be a bit pointless. But the can stores easily in the fridge, and you can just about trick yourself into thinking that you made these. The instructions are a bit interesting – peel back the paper wrapping and let the can open itself. Sure enough, it does open itself! 

The dough was soft and springy, and unrolled into a length of tear apart triangles, you don’t even need to cut them. Then you just roll them up and pop them in the oven for ten minutes. So easy!

The verdict? Not as flaky as I remember croissants, and didn’t have the distinct buttery flavour (unsurprisingly!). But they are definitely croissants, and I loved the novelty, and being able to have dairy free croissants without spending days making my own pastry. I liked them so much I’ve bought another two cans, and the pain au chocolat and the cinnamon swirl varieties (both dairy free!).

Has anyone else tried these yet? I bought mine in Waitrose, haven’t seen them anywhere else?

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