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Chocolate chip cookie dough protein balls

I still don’t totally believe that these are healthy, but it says it on the internet so it must be true. 

The protein in these comes from protein powder. Now I am not some muscle building gym freak, but I do use SIS Rego protein drink after exercise to help my body recover. It’s amazing. Also the whole SIS range is vegan, win! So I used some vanilla flavour in these. The rest of the ingredients are basically just almonds, chcocolate and maple syrup. What’s not to like? 

This recipe is from Daily burn and I have just converted it into grams. I also used their photos as inspiration. 

For the nut butter – 200g almonds. 

Ok, beginner’s guide to nut butters. You will need:

  1. Nuts
  2. Food processor
  3. Patience (quantity dependant on the power of you food processor)
  4. Coconut oil (optional, dependant on your amount of ingredient 3.)


  1. Put nuts in food processor
  2. Turn on
  3. Scrape down the sides occasionally if it all builds up and doesn’t move
  4. Leave it running! It takes. Ages. Once it starts to make a ball you are getting there. Some people say you don’t need to add any other oils, but I often give up and put half a teaspoon of coconut oil in just to help it along. 

You’ll need most of this in this recipe, you’ll have a bit left for spreading on your toast 🙂

For the protein balls

  • 125g almond butter
  • 100g ground almonds
  • 2 scoops, 40g vanilla protein powder
  • 40g dairy free chocolate chips or coarsely chopped dark chocolate
  • 60ml maple syrup

Mix together the ground almonds with the protein powder in a medium bowl. 

Add the almond butter and maple syrup and mix together.

Add the chocolate and mix again. 

Use a tablespoon measuring spoon to scoop up dough, then press/roll into balls. 

Keep in the fridge and try not to eat them all! 

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Shiny little rocks

I was going to share a rather self pitying post about the realities of IBS, but my boyfriend has interrupted that. 

Well, not boyfriend any longer: fiancée 🙂 

Yup he got down on one knee and (finally) asked me to marry him. We’ve been talking about our wedding for months now, and I was getting just a teeny bit impatient to actually start planning it. I didn’t think he would ask me so soon and in such an impromptu way (at home, just before we had dinner!) so he still managed to surprise me with that! 

I won’t get too gushy on you, but I really am very lucky to have someone who not only puts up with me, but encourages me, pushes me, supports me and above all loves me. If it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be a CakeyKate, after all. 

It is so cheesy, but every time I look at the ring on my finger, which happens a lot, I am reminded of what we have together and a little bit of joy bubbles up. Not to mention my ring is so. darn. pretty! 

So I hope you can all take a little time to think about the people who matter to you; appreciate them and let them know you love them too. 

And buy a bow tie for your cat.

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