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Chocolate chip cookie dough protein balls

I still don’t totally believe that these are healthy, but it says it on the internet so it must be true. 

The protein in these comes from protein powder. Now I am not some muscle building gym freak, but I do use SIS Rego protein drink after exercise to help my body recover. It’s amazing. Also the whole SIS range is vegan, win! So I used some vanilla flavour in these. The rest of the ingredients are basically just almonds, chcocolate and maple syrup. What’s not to like? 

This recipe is from Daily burn and I have just converted it into grams. I also used their photos as inspiration. 

For the nut butter – 200g almonds. 

Ok, beginner’s guide to nut butters. You will need:

  1. Nuts
  2. Food processor
  3. Patience (quantity dependant on the power of you food processor)
  4. Coconut oil (optional, dependant on your amount of ingredient 3.)


  1. Put nuts in food processor
  2. Turn on
  3. Scrape down the sides occasionally if it all builds up and doesn’t move
  4. Leave it running! It takes. Ages. Once it starts to make a ball you are getting there. Some people say you don’t need to add any other oils, but I often give up and put half a teaspoon of coconut oil in just to help it along. 

You’ll need most of this in this recipe, you’ll have a bit left for spreading on your toast 🙂

For the protein balls

  • 125g almond butter
  • 100g ground almonds
  • 2 scoops, 40g vanilla protein powder
  • 40g dairy free chocolate chips or coarsely chopped dark chocolate
  • 60ml maple syrup

Mix together the ground almonds with the protein powder in a medium bowl. 

Add the almond butter and maple syrup and mix together.

Add the chocolate and mix again. 

Use a tablespoon measuring spoon to scoop up dough, then press/roll into balls. 

Keep in the fridge and try not to eat them all! 

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Robert Adam Festive Cookies

And who is Robert Adam? I hear you ask. You’ve heard about my architecture degree, probably more than you’d like to on a baking blog, well I made these cookies for my turn in our weekly studio baking challenge thing. Every week, someone else makes a cake or other baked goods. At the beginning of the year the tutors challenged us to make them related to our studio topic, which is Classicism. We’ve had a couple of column inspired cakes and some other just plain old good cakes. For my project, I’ve been taking inspiration from Robert Adam’s interiors. Again, who is this guy?! He’s a Scottish  neoclassical architect from the 1700’s who designed a lot of classical buildings and interiors. Put simply, I like his style.

robert adam syon house


dining room lansdowne house robert adam 3


These rooms are pretty grand, a bit over the top, very Robert Adam. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be designing rooms that actually look like this, it’s just a good source of inspiration for our site in Edinburgh. In reality, I think it might look a bit more like this.

classical render 4b psd


“I thought you said you were an architecture student not an interior designer?!” Yeh we’re coming on to the rest of the building, we just started out with the inside. Anyway, this does all come back to cake I promise you. I wanted to make these cookies which are tried and tested absolutely awesome and slightly christmassy and I thought I’d push my cookie decorating skills and make them look like one of these interiors….. Here’s what I ended up with! Super simple cookies with royal icing in pastel blue and white “plaster”, went down a treat with the rest of my architecty chums. They’d be great as a present and you can be really personal with your decorating. Even if you have no interest in architecture, I think they still look pretty classy!

robert adam festive cookies


Recipe: Continue reading

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Chocolate Mud Cake Sandwiches

Apparently it’s October. I say apparently because the only things pointing to it being Autumn is the date and the number of pumpkin recipes appearing on every other blog I follow. We have been having some lovely unseasonable weather in the UK, with temperatures up to 22°C it feels positively summery. I know this is all going to change this week though, with the weather men pointing to the large area of cold air moving over the UK (and seemingly only over the UK) and the north wind that’s going to bring us right back to down to chilly, pumpkin soup and a blanket, Autumnal earth. OK I sound far too much like the weather man, I’ve been watching too much BBC breakfast. (Apologies American readers, you probably haven’t experienced the joys of the slightly news based breakfast tv show that gets less an less serious the closer to 9am it gets. In fact, past about 8:30 I genuinely think they say to themselves, “well heck, no one’s really watching anymore, it doesn’t matter what we say/do/feature as “news”. Kids talking about what book they like to read? Definitely worth a good five minute feature. Really? I just don’t care about the small children’s favourite books, please take them off my television screen.)

Anyway, there is cake in this post somewhere! Sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits to be precise.

chocolate mud cake sandwiches Continue reading

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Yummy photos

I would really like someone to invent taste-able photos. Not the kind of thing where you can lick a sticky spot on a page, I wish you could look at a photo and actually experience what it tastes like. Although, involuntarily tasting something really disgusting could be a downside to this. I’m writing my dissertation at the moment and it’s all a bit sci-fi/futuristic, it’s rubbing off. The point of this post isn’t tomorrow’s world technology, it’s photos of yummy things. It’s a bit of a selection of things that I’ve made but haven’t blogged.

Before I went to Spain I made this orange and poppy seed cake, it tasted pretty good.

dairy free orange and poppy seed cake

dairy free orange and poppy seed cake

dairy free orange and poppy seed cake

This next one was a recipe I saw on Cupcakes Always Win (what an awesome name for a blog) and I’m going through a bit of a coconut phase so had to try it. I made one disastrous batch, modified again and then made this one. I changed the recipe slightly as I used gelatine instead of agar flakes as they were about 4 times cheaper and I’m not vegan or vegetarian. So I just poured half a can of coconut milk into a measuring jug, topped it up to one pint with boiling water and added a few spoonfuls of sugar. Gave it a good stir and added a sachet and a half of powdered gelatine, in the fridge for a few hours et voila! I love the layer of coconut cream that rises to the top.

coconut jelly


coconut jelly with raspberries




I also made some cookies for my boyfriend to take on his trip away this weekend. His favourite spiced cookie recipe. We saved a few to keep in the cookie jar.

spiced cookies




And last but by no means least, my sister made this amazing cricket themed cake for her boyfriend’s birthday. I was in Spain at the time and she had warned me to expect slightly panicky facetimes about this cake, but there was nothing of the sort, she’s a pro! They are her photos too! I’m so proud.

Cricket cake







Milkshake and cookies

dairy free strawberry milkshakeI’ve decided you can make pretty much any recipe dairy free. Allow me to demonstrate.

Milk=Almond milk. Butter=Trex. Buttermilk=Almond milk+lemon juice. Condensed Milk=(surely not?!)Coconut Cream. Cream Cheese=Tofutti cream cheese.

The last two I’m yet to try but I definitely will be.

So this post is about two different things. I’ll start with cookies. My boyfriend’s family kindly gave me a baking book for my birthday (the only baking related present this year…. not sure what that means), Home Baking from Cook’s Favourites. As a really geeky aside, I like this book because it is printed on matte paper, not the shiny coated paper of my other commercial bakery books, but a nice, thick, arty/craftsy paper. And the text of the recipe is printed in grey, text looks much better in grey. (In case you don’t know/forgot, I’m an architecture student. It is obligatory to have an unusual obsession with paper, font, ink etc.) And it has lots of different kinds of recipes, victoria sponge and chocolate fudge cake are still there, but so are “date pistachio and honey slices” and “butternut squash and orange cake”. Continue reading

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