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Shiny little rocks

I was going to share a rather self pitying post about the realities of IBS, but my boyfriend has interrupted that. 

Well, not boyfriend any longer: fiancée 🙂 

Yup he got down on one knee and (finally) asked me to marry him. We’ve been talking about our wedding for months now, and I was getting just a teeny bit impatient to actually start planning it. I didn’t think he would ask me so soon and in such an impromptu way (at home, just before we had dinner!) so he still managed to surprise me with that! 

I won’t get too gushy on you, but I really am very lucky to have someone who not only puts up with me, but encourages me, pushes me, supports me and above all loves me. If it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be a CakeyKate, after all. 

It is so cheesy, but every time I look at the ring on my finger, which happens a lot, I am reminded of what we have together and a little bit of joy bubbles up. Not to mention my ring is so. darn. pretty! 

So I hope you can all take a little time to think about the people who matter to you; appreciate them and let them know you love them too. 

And buy a bow tie for your cat.


White Chocolate and Vanilla Fudge

Hang on, white chocolate and vanilla fudge?! That is neither cake nor dairy free, what’s going on?! You’re right, fudge is possibly as far from dairy free as you can get, it’s dairy full. But my boyfriend loves fudge, and loves white chocolate. So I put the left over cream for Christmas and some of the mountain of white chocolate he’s been given together to make one tasty treat just for him.

Cakeykate's vanilla white chocolate fudge

While I’m at it, I’ll also fill you in on where I’ve been for the last few weeks. We took Jefferson our lovely not so little kitten home to my parent’s house for Christmas. Cats don’t really like moving, but he coped with it like a pro, and was thoroughly pampered for a couple of weeks. And of course, I did some baking.  Continue reading

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Cakes to kittens

Again I find that I haven’t been baking much, let alone blogging. Final year architecture takes up almost all of my time. The rest of my time is taken up by a small bundle of fluff. Yes, we’ve got a kitten!

As a child we didn’t have cats or dogs (just fish and guinea pigs), so when I realised that I might actually be able to have a kitten I really couldn’t contain my excitement. My boyfriend is allergic to cats, but this hasn’t stopped him living with them in the past, in particular a certain breed called Siberian. They are “hypoallergenic” cats. No they’re not bald, they are very fluffy. The allergen isn’t actually in their fur, it’s in their saliva that they spread over their fur when they clean themselves. Siberians just don’t seem to produce as much of this allergen.

So I introduce to you, Jefferson, our Siberian kitten. Did I mention he’s really fluffy?

2013-10-19 19.24.16

We wanted to buy our kitten from a breeder so Continue reading

This thing called IBS

I warn you now, if it’s yummy home baked cakey goodness you’re after, this post probably isn’t what you’re looking for. There’s no cake here, just my account of how I manage the mysterious and unexplained syndrome that they call IBS.

When I was first “diagnosed” with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) my sister, who was about 5 years into medical school at the point, said doctors use the term “syndrome” because everything about your gut seems normal but it doesn’t function properly. It’s basically an unexplained illness. I was full of questions. What causes it? How do you treat it? Is it curable? To which the resounding answer was “no-one really knows”. The only slightly reassuring thing is this:  IBS is one of the most common problems of the digestive system – about two in 10 people in the UK have IBS and it’s twice as common in women than men. IBS can develop at any age, but most people have their first symptoms between the ages of 20 and 35.* As a twenty something woman, I was definitely not the only one.  I’m also not the worst off, by far. I’ve read other people’s symptoms and it seems like I’ve got off pretty lightly. For me, controlling my diet, exercise and stress levels are the most important things to keep me normal.  Continue reading

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A day of firsts – awards and swiss meringue buttercream

When I first started blogging it was mainly just to keep a sort of diary of the things I was making, but I’ve got much more into the writing and finding other wonderful blogs that inspire me.

The fabulous Nell from I Need a Feed nominated me for a Best Moment Award. Seeing as this is my first award nomination I wasn’t too sure what the protocol is, but the idea is that you go on and nominate some other blogs you love and write an acceptance speech!



My acceptance speech…… I’d like to thank my Mum (this seems a very overused opening line but is the only way to start really!) as she let me explore in the kitchen, teach me all the basic skills and still believes in me even when I have massive baking fails. I’d like to thank my boyfriend who actually suggested I should start blogging and has been an avid “liker” and re-tweeter of all my posts, and happily devours just about everything I make. My friends and other family have also been great, honest testers/guinea pigs. The change to dairy free seemed daunting at first, but I’ve been so happy to share my experiences and things that I’ve learnt with other people in a similar situation and I couldn’t have done that joining the amazing community of food bloggers.

Now I’d like to nominate these blogs that I love:

An Unrefined Vegan

The Little Loaf

Hungry Little Baker

Sensitive Flour

Trinity’s Kitchen

The Healthy Flavour

And the rules for the Best Moment Award are:

  • Winners re-post this completely with their Acceptance Speech.
  • This could be written or video recorded.
  • Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awardees!
  • The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and winners notify them the great news.

RESOURCES: What makes a good acceptance speech?

  • Gratitude. Thank the people who helped you along the way – Humor. Keep us entertained and smiling
  • Inspiration. Make your story touch our lives
  • Get an idea from the great acceptance speeches, compiled in
  • Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable in


There has been another first as well – I made dairy free Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I was really quite chuffed with it, and so surprised by how marshmallowy it tasted! These vanilla cupcakes with a strawberry centre went down a treat. It’s a new vanilla cupcake recipe I’m trying out and once I’ve perfected both cupcake and buttercream I’ll share the recipes, but here are the photos for now!






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